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Privacy Goes First

We never store your email unless you tell us to. All your data is stored on disk using Transparent Data Encryption.

Unlimited Inboxes

Create as many as email inbox as you want to accept emails to them and forward to your own email address.

Forward to multiple emails

Once email hits an alias, it can be sent out to multiple email addresses like a mail group.

Catch-all addresses

All emails sent to your domain will be sent to those addresses so you won't miss any important email.

SMTP Sending

Send out email from your domain with hanami SMTP server. Avoid the ugly "via" badge in gmail when using gmail smtp server.

Reply to emails

If you enable maillog, you can also reply directly on our webui. Make us effectively working like a webmail service.

Diposable Email Address

Just want a temporary email address to checkout an untrustworthy service? We got you. Generate as many as temporary alias and disable them once you done so no more spam from them.

Mail Logs

View a History of incoming emails in your account which is superhelpful for debugging mail delivery. For privacy, it's Disabled by default, and you have to EXPLICITLY enable it.


Want to process the email? We send a POST request to your webhook with all the email headers and body as JSON. Example, check our Mail a picture service.

Mail to slackUpcoming

Have the email show up in a Slack channel to improve team awareness without checking your inbox.

CLI Access Upcoming

Want to have some fun? We have a hanami cli tool which we think is quite fun to use. Example: send an email to turn on your light before you come home.

API accessUpcoming

Our API enables you to import domains, manage alias and tail webhook programmatically.

Setup in 3 simple steps

1. Point MX records to Hanami

Mail clients read MX records to know where to send email to.

2. Point SPF record to hanami

Mail servers read SPF records to see if Hanami is allowed to deliver email through your domain.

3. Configure aliases

Hanami checks your domain configuration and forward emails to your corresponding aliases.

Never lost your emails. Never wait for your emails.

Your emails are delivered under 10 seconds.

Use maillogs in case mail server reject emails(mistakenly flag an email as spam - which happen all the time in email world).

Costs less than what you pay for coffee per month

2 weeks Free Trial. Cancel anytime! No question asked!

Up to 3 domain
Unlimited aliases
Catch-all email
No SMTP Server
0 SMTP email per day
Regex routing
Send mail as with Gmail
Diposable Email Address
3 months mail history
Up to 30 domains
Unlimited alias
Catch-all email
Support SMTP Server
300 SMTP emails per day
Regex routing
Send mail as with Gmail
Diposable Email Address
1 year mail history
Team access
Unlimited domains
Unlimited alias
Catch-all email
Support SMTP Server
5000 SMTP emails per day
Regex routing
Send mail as with Gmail
Diposable Email Address
3 years mail history
Team access
White-label MX records

We promise you that

1. We will never read your emails

2. We will never sell your personal data

3. We will never send your data to third parties except Stripe, our payment processor

We only store essential information for the site to be functional.

Read our privacy policy

Great supports are our norm

Email is hard. Dealing with MX records and SPF isn't easy. We're here to help! Please use our doc, email support or 1-1 live chat. If your emails are marked as spam, we're here to help as well. If you have general questions about email delivery in which we are an expert, we are more than happy to share with you what we know.

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