Our changelogs


Add DKIM Signing for SMTP

  • Support DKIM for SMTP

SMTP server is release. Our user can send out email using hanami smtp server for faster delivery and get rid of the ugly "Via hanami.run" text in gmail.

  • SMTP Server.

Emails are hard. An email can be plain text, html, utf8, base64, multile parts, each part with different encoding...That's why we're to serve you :-).

  • Fix some bug in our mail decoding code.

We release a free service to show of our webhook feature at pix.fastloop.xyz. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

  • Improve performance for mail log page by rewriting an unoptimization query.
  • Release demo of webhook at pix.fastloop.xyz

Added email notification to let us know once a domain is ready. MX records usually have high TTL and take a bit long for DNS propagation to be done. We added an email notification to let our customers know once a domain is ready in order to save them a round trip to our dashboard to check on the domain status.

  • Added email notification once DNS records(MX, TXT) are effective.
  • Auto confirmation once users added the first domain.

A few beta testers love webhook. Before this, every email triggers webhooks but a few users said they only wanted to fire webhooks for a specific email address. So we added that. We can filter out what email will hit webhook. Try it out and let us know how you think.

  • Fire webhook only for email that match the target email.
  • Improve UI/UX to edit HTTP headers in webhook request.
  • Improve/Fix grammar for outs docs, terms, policy page.

At Hanami, we think email should be fun. Thus we introduced webhook feature. Every time we receive an email, we parse the email into a nice JSON document, and post to your webhook HTTP endpoins. What can you do with it? Well, how about "Sending an email to turn on your light?". Not a practical usage, but hey, it's fun. Let us know what you come up with for webhook usage. For us, we are using this webhook to power a comment system which we will soon release to the world.

  • Add incoming webhook feature.

This is where we start adding changelog. However, our system has been used since November 2020. This is because we gotta start from somewhere, and when we started building this, we focused on other aspects and didn’t have time for changelog.

  • Restyle a few dashboard: re-design our layout, menu, tables to make it easier for user to navigate around and manage domains, alias
  • Support pause incoming email. This effectively silently drop email, so you can use it to avoid receiving email from a certain domain
  • Add FAQ/Docs to clarify billing, hosting provider, our privacy policy