Hanami is Constantly Improving...

We don't stand still. We are constantly improving our product to better serve you and achieve our ultimate goal which is to give everyone their peace of mind when it comes to their own mails with a custom domain.

  • Team support: Enable multiple account to manage same domain, End of May 2021
  • DONE MFA: Two factor auth, End of April 2021
  • DONE Log outgoing: May 2021
  • DONE URL Redirection: so you can forward the domain too!!! April 2021
  • DONE Reply on web ui: Ask for beta access
  • DONE Fine grain log level: End of April
  • DONE Support sendding/outgoing email: Early of February 2021.
  • Mail to slack: End of April 2021
  • DONE API access: May 2021
  • CLI access: May 2021
  • IMAP support: May 2021. This will make hanami become a full email platform, both forwarding and receiving. We will have limited webmail though and focus more on IMAP/SMTP side.

If you have any comment or suggestion request, please reach out to us at support@mailwip.com or chat with us using the live chat in our dashboard.